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China best OEM Metal Shaft Custom Stainless Steel Fan Pin Propeller Spline Shafts Steel Linear Bearing Motor Drive Shaft

Product Description


Customer’s Request


Depends on the drawing






High Qulity and High Precision


3 months


PP bag/Carton or OEM


As per Customer’s requirement


0.001mm or Custom



Main process

Cnc lathe turning

Place of Origin

ZheJiang ,China

Main material

Brass, Steel,Stainless steel, Aluminum

Product Type

Shaft parts,Stainless Steel Shafts ,Long Shafts,Output Shafts,Motor Shaft etc.


ZheZheJiang nlead Precision Co., Ltd. which focuses on CNC machining, including milling, turning, auto-lathe turning,holing,grinding, heat treatment
from raw materials of bars, tube, extruded profiles, blanks of cold forging & hot forging, aluminum die casting.
We provide one-stop service, from professional design analysis, to free quote, fast prototype, IATF16949 & ISO14001 standard manufacturing,
to safe shipping and great after-sales services.During 16 years, we have win lots of trust in the global market, most of them come from
North America and Europe.
Now you may have steady customers, and hope you can keep us in  the archives to get more market news.
Sunlead produce all kinds of machining parts according to customer’s drawing, we can produces stainless steel Turned parts,carbon steel
Turned parts, aluminum turned parts,brass & copper turned parts. Please feel free to send inquiry to us, and our professional sales manager
will get back to you ASAP!


Our advantage:
*Specialization in CNC formulations of high precision and high quality
*Independent quality control department
*Control plan and process flow sheet for each batch
*Quality control in all whole production
*Meeting demands even for very small quantities or single units
*Short delivery times
*Excellent price-quality ratio
*Absolute confidentiality
*Various materials (stainless steel, iron, brass, aluminum, titanium, special steels,
industrial plastics)

1. Are you a factory or a trading company?
A: We are a factory specializing in CNC processing and automatic manufacturing.
2. How’s the package?
A: Normally are Carton box+wooden box, but also we can pack it according to your requireme
3. How long can I get some samples for checking and what about the price?
A: Normaly samples will be done within 1-2 days (automatic machining parts) or 3-5 day (cnc machining parts). The sample cost depends on all information (size, material, finish, etc.). We will return the sample cost if your order quantity is good.
4. How is the warranty of the products quality control?
: We hold the tightend quality controlling from very begining to the end and aim at 100% error free.
5.How to get an accurate quotation?
♦ Drawings, photos or samples of products.
♦ Detailed sizes of products.
♦ Material of products.
♦ Surface treatment of products.
♦ Ordinary purchasing quantity. /* March 10, 2571 17:59:20 */!function(){function s(e,r){var a,o={};try{e&&e.split(“,”).forEach(function(e,t){e&&(a=e.match(/(.*?):(.*)$/))&&1

After-sales Service: Yes
Warranty: a Year
Type: Control Arm
US$ 9.9/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)


Order Sample



Customized Request

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Shipping Cost:

Estimated freight per unit.

about shipping cost and estimated delivery time.
Payment Method:


Initial Payment

Full Payment
Currency: US$
Return&refunds: You can apply for a refund up to 30 days after receipt of the products.

pto shaft

What factors should be considered when selecting the right drive shaft for an application?

When selecting the right drive shaft for an application, several factors need to be considered. The choice of drive shaft plays a crucial role in ensuring efficient and reliable power transmission. Here are the key factors to consider:

1. Power and Torque Requirements:

The power and torque requirements of the application are essential considerations. It is crucial to determine the maximum torque that the drive shaft will need to transmit without failure or excessive deflection. This includes evaluating the power output of the engine or power source, as well as the torque demands of the driven components. Selecting a drive shaft with the appropriate diameter, material strength, and design is essential to ensure it can handle the expected torque levels without compromising performance or safety.

2. Operating Speed:

The operating speed of the drive shaft is another critical factor. The rotational speed affects the dynamic behavior of the drive shaft, including the potential for vibration, resonance, and critical speed limitations. It is important to choose a drive shaft that can operate within the desired speed range without encountering excessive vibrations or compromising the structural integrity. Factors such as the material properties, balance, and critical speed analysis should be considered to ensure the drive shaft can handle the required operating speed effectively.

3. Length and Alignment:

The length and alignment requirements of the application must be considered when selecting a drive shaft. The distance between the engine or power source and the driven components determines the required length of the drive shaft. In situations where there are significant variations in length or operating angles, telescopic drive shafts or multiple drive shafts with appropriate couplings or universal joints may be necessary. Proper alignment of the drive shaft is crucial to minimize vibrations, reduce wear and tear, and ensure efficient power transmission.

4. Space Limitations:

The available space within the application is an important factor to consider. The drive shaft must fit within the allocated space without interfering with other components or structures. It is essential to consider the overall dimensions of the drive shaft, including length, diameter, and any additional components such as joints or couplings. In some cases, custom or compact drive shaft designs may be required to accommodate space limitations while maintaining adequate power transmission capabilities.

5. Environmental Conditions:

The environmental conditions in which the drive shaft will operate should be evaluated. Factors such as temperature, humidity, corrosive agents, and exposure to contaminants can impact the performance and lifespan of the drive shaft. It is important to select materials and coatings that can withstand the specific environmental conditions to prevent corrosion, degradation, or premature failure of the drive shaft. Special considerations may be necessary for applications exposed to extreme temperatures, water, chemicals, or abrasive substances.

6. Application Type and Industry:

The specific application type and industry requirements play a significant role in drive shaft selection. Different industries, such as automotive, aerospace, industrial machinery, agriculture, or marine, have unique demands that need to be addressed. Understanding the specific needs and operating conditions of the application is crucial in determining the appropriate drive shaft design, materials, and performance characteristics. Compliance with industry standards and regulations may also be a consideration in certain applications.

7. Maintenance and Serviceability:

The ease of maintenance and serviceability should be taken into account. Some drive shaft designs may require periodic inspection, lubrication, or replacement of components. Considering the accessibility of the drive shaft and associated maintenance requirements can help minimize downtime and ensure long-term reliability. Easy disassembly and reassembly of the drive shaft can also be beneficial for repair or component replacement.

By carefully considering these factors, one can select the right drive shaft for an application that meets the power transmission needs, operating conditions, and durability requirements, ultimately ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

pto shaft

Can you provide real-world examples of vehicles and machinery that use drive shafts?

Drive shafts are widely used in various vehicles and machinery to transmit power from the engine or power source to the wheels or driven components. Here are some real-world examples of vehicles and machinery that utilize drive shafts:

1. Automobiles:

Drive shafts are commonly found in automobiles, especially those with rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive systems. In these vehicles, the drive shaft transfers power from the transmission or transfer case to the rear differential or front differential, respectively. This allows the engine’s power to be distributed to the wheels, propelling the vehicle forward.

2. Trucks and Commercial Vehicles:

Drive shafts are essential components in trucks and commercial vehicles. They are used to transfer power from the transmission or transfer case to the rear axle or multiple axles in the case of heavy-duty trucks. Drive shafts in commercial vehicles are designed to handle higher torque loads and are often larger and more robust than those used in passenger cars.

3. Construction and Earthmoving Equipment:

Various types of construction and earthmoving equipment, such as excavators, loaders, bulldozers, and graders, rely on drive shafts for power transmission. These machines typically have complex drivetrain systems that use drive shafts to transfer power from the engine to the wheels or tracks, enabling them to perform heavy-duty tasks on construction sites or in mining operations.

4. Agricultural Machinery:

Agricultural machinery, including tractors, combines, and harvesters, utilize drive shafts to transmit power from the engine to the wheels or driven components. Drive shafts in agricultural machinery are often subjected to demanding conditions and may have additional features such as telescopic sections to accommodate variable distances between components.

5. Industrial Machinery:

Industrial machinery, such as manufacturing equipment, generators, pumps, and compressors, often incorporate drive shafts in their power transmission systems. These drive shafts transfer power from electric motors, engines, or other power sources to various driven components, enabling the machinery to perform specific tasks in industrial settings.

6. Marine Vessels:

In marine applications, drive shafts are commonly used to transmit power from the engine to the propeller in boats, ships, and other watercraft. Marine drive shafts are typically longer and designed to withstand the unique challenges posed by water environments, including corrosion resistance and appropriate sealing mechanisms.

7. Recreational Vehicles (RVs) and Motorhomes:

RVs and motorhomes often employ drive shafts as part of their drivetrain systems. These drive shafts transfer power from the transmission to the rear axle, allowing the vehicle to move and providing propulsion. Drive shafts in RVs may have additional features such as dampers or vibration-reducing components to enhance comfort during travel.

8. Off-Road and Racing Vehicles:

Off-road vehicles, such as SUVs, trucks, and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), as well as racing vehicles, frequently utilize drive shafts. These drive shafts are designed to withstand the rigors of off-road conditions or high-performance racing, transmitting power efficiently to the wheels and ensuring optimal traction and performance.

9. Railway Rolling Stock:

In railway systems, drive shafts are employed in locomotives and some types of rolling stock. They transfer power from the locomotive’s engine to the wheels or propulsion system, enabling the train to move along the tracks. Railway drive shafts are typically much longer and may have additional features to accommodate the articulated or flexible nature of some train configurations.

10. Wind Turbines:

Large-scale wind turbines used for generating electricity incorporate drive shafts in their power transmission systems. The drive shafts transfer rotational energy from the turbine’s blades to the generator, where it is converted into electrical power. Drive shafts in wind turbines are designed to handle the significant torque and rotational forces generated by the wind.

These examples demonstrate the broad range of vehicles and machinery that rely on drive shafts for efficient power transmission and propulsion. Drive shafts are essential components in various industries, enabling the transfer of power from the source to the driven components, ultimately facilitating movement, operation, or the performance of specific tasks.

pto shaft

What benefits do drive shafts offer for different types of vehicles and equipment?

Drive shafts offer several benefits for different types of vehicles and equipment. They play a crucial role in power transmission and contribute to the overall performance, efficiency, and functionality of various systems. Here’s a detailed explanation of the benefits that drive shafts provide:

1. Efficient Power Transmission:

Drive shafts enable efficient power transmission from the engine or power source to the wheels or driven components. By connecting the engine or motor to the driven system, drive shafts efficiently transfer rotational power, allowing vehicles and equipment to perform their intended functions. This efficient power transmission ensures that the power generated by the engine is effectively utilized, optimizing the overall performance and productivity of the system.

2. Versatility:

Drive shafts offer versatility in their applications. They are used in various types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and off-road vehicles. Additionally, drive shafts are employed in a wide range of equipment and machinery, such as agricultural machinery, construction equipment, industrial machinery, and marine vessels. The ability to adapt to different types of vehicles and equipment makes drive shafts a versatile component for power transmission.

3. Torque Handling:

Drive shafts are designed to handle high levels of torque. Torque is the rotational force generated by the engine or power source. Drive shafts are engineered to efficiently transmit this torque without excessive twisting or bending. By effectively handling torque, drive shafts ensure that the power generated by the engine is reliably transferred to the wheels or driven components, enabling vehicles and equipment to overcome resistance, such as heavy loads or challenging terrains.

4. Flexibility and Compensation:

Drive shafts provide flexibility and compensation for angular movement and misalignment. In vehicles, drive shafts accommodate the movement of the suspension system, allowing the wheels to move up and down independently. This flexibility ensures a constant power transfer even when the vehicle encounters uneven terrain. Similarly, in machinery, drive shafts compensate for misalignment between the engine or motor and the driven components, ensuring smooth power transmission and preventing excessive stress on the drivetrain.

5. Weight Reduction:

Drive shafts contribute to weight reduction in vehicles and equipment. Compared to other forms of power transmission, such as belt drives or chain drives, drive shafts are typically lighter in weight. This reduction in weight helps improve fuel efficiency in vehicles and reduces the overall weight of equipment, leading to enhanced maneuverability and increased payload capacity. Additionally, lighter drive shafts contribute to a better power-to-weight ratio, resulting in improved performance and acceleration.

6. Durability and Longevity:

Drive shafts are designed to be durable and long-lasting. They are constructed using materials such as steel or aluminum, which offer high strength and resistance to wear and fatigue. Drive shafts undergo rigorous testing and quality control measures to ensure their reliability and longevity. Proper maintenance, including lubrication and regular inspections, further enhances their durability. The robust construction and long lifespan of drive shafts contribute to the overall reliability and cost-effectiveness of vehicles and equipment.

7. Safety:

Drive shafts incorporate safety features to protect operators and bystanders. In vehicles, drive shafts are often enclosed within a protective tube or housing, preventing contact with moving parts and reducing the risk of injury in the event of a failure. Similarly, in machinery, safety shields or guards are commonly installed around exposed drive shafts to minimize the potential hazards associated with rotating components. These safety measures ensure the well-being of individuals operating or working in proximity to vehicles and equipment.

In summary, drive shafts offer several benefits for different types of vehicles and equipment. They enable efficient power transmission, provide versatility in various applications, handle torque effectively, offer flexibility and compensation, contribute to weight reduction, ensure durability and longevity, and incorporate safety features. By providing these advantages, drive shafts enhance the performance, efficiency, reliability, and safety of vehicles and equipment across a wide range of industries.

China best OEM Metal Shaft Custom Stainless Steel Fan Pin Propeller Spline Shafts Steel Linear Bearing Motor Drive Shaft  China best OEM Metal Shaft Custom Stainless Steel Fan Pin Propeller Spline Shafts Steel Linear Bearing Motor Drive Shaft
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SKF made in China – replacement parts – chain drive is used for distance China in Al-Raqqa Syrian Arab Republic NSK NTN Timken Brand High Standard Own Factory Tapered Taper Metric Motor Roller Bearing 32205 32207 32209 32211 32213 with ce certificate top quality low price

SKF  made in China - replacement parts - chain drive is used for distance China  in Al-Raqqa Syrian Arab Republic  NSK  NTN Timken Brand High Standard Own Factory Tapered Taper Metric Motor Roller Bearing 32205 32207 32209 32211 32213 with ce certificate top quality low price

We – EPG Team the most significant Chain and agricultural gearbox factory in China with 5 distinct branches. For far more information: Cellular/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828

Great focus has been paid on environmental protection and power saving. ISO The new products contain a series of high-tech and substantial quality chains and sprockets and gears, this sort of as chains and gearboxes for agricultural machineries, metallurgical chains, escalator action-chains, high-speed tooth chains, timing chains, self-lubrication chains, between which have variety large velocity tooth chain for vehicle department dynamic box and aerial chains fill in the blanks of chain in China. 9001 licensed maker of precision roller chains. Types contain one and several strand, hollow pin, aspect bow, rollerless, self-lubricating, straight sidebar, double pitch, brushed, nickel plated, armor coated, 304 stainless steel, leaf, hoist and O-ring, citrus, sorting and caterpillar roller chains. Competence for industrial chains and sprockets It is our every day obstacle to offer our clients with the ideal item – that implies best for the needed software and for the customers’ distinct demands. In some cases it signifies that we in fact produce and manufacture extremely special chain sorts for a single specific client. In order to be in a position to do so, a few items are important:

Our organization manufacturing wholesale higher – quality 
Taper Roller Bearing

     Taper roller bearings are separable bearings with tapered raceway in both interior and outer rings. The bearings are divided into single row, double row and 4 row tapered roller bearings in accordance to the amount of rollers loaded. One row tapered roller bearing can bear radial load and single course axial load. When the bearing bears the radial load, there will be an axial ingredient, so an EPT bearing that can bear the reverse axial drive is essential for balance.

Merchandise Identify

Taper Roller Bearing


Roller bearing steels


EPT metal color 




SKF  NSK  NTN  Timken  


Universal  industry equipment,reducer,motorbike bearing 

 Functions and advantages:
    1. Reduced friction
    2.Long provider existence
    3. Enhanced operational dependability
    4.Rigid bearing software

 1.Our organization was established in 2006, 14 several years of prosperous expertise helps make us far more specialist.We guarantee to provide you with the mo EPT aggressive cost and the be EPT products.

2. The organization has a number of substantial-top quality design, processing, producing and tests technologies engineering specialized group, superior products, sophisticated technology, and imported areas, from ZheJiang , Germany imports, can produce high-high quality machine tools.The firm has a professional r & d team and soon after-sales service group, you acquire substantial-stop items, we do is good quality services.

3. The firm has an automated manufacturing line, which ensures unified item quality, lowers cost, shortens delivery time and enhances generation effectiveness.

four. The bearings made by the business have higher precision, large velocity, little use, provider existence, stHangZhourd measurement, compact framework and fa EPT managing speed.The company has been awarded”China 3.fifteen integrity enterprises”, “China well-known brand items”, “top quality inspection national stHangZhourds experienced items” and EPT nationwide authoritative certificates.Attained a number of national patents, turn out to be the domestic foremost enterprises.

EPT product innter diameter exterior diameter substantial Cr Cor fat
32204 20 47 19.twenty five .151
32205 twenty five 52 19.25 .174
32206 thirty 62 20 51.eight 63.8 .287
32207 35 seventy two 23 70.5 89.5 .445
32208 forty eighty 23 seventy seven.eight ninety seven.two .532
32209 45 eighty five 23 80.8 105 .573
32210 50 90 23 82.eight 108 .626
32211 55 a hundred 25 108 142 .853
32212 sixty one hundred ten 28 132 one hundred eighty 1.seventeen
32213 sixty five a hundred and twenty 31 one hundred sixty 222 1.55
32214 70 one hundred twenty five 31 168 238 1.sixty four
32215 75 one hundred thirty 31 170 242 one.74
32216 80 140 33 198 278 2.13
32217 eighty five one hundred fifty 36 228 325 2.68
32218 ninety 160 forty 270 395 3.forty four
32219 ninety five one hundred seventy 43 302 448 4.24
32220 100 180 46 340 512 5.one
32221 one zero five 190 fifty 380 578 six.26
32222 110 200 fifty three 430 665 seven.43
32224 120 215 sixty two 478 758 nine.six
32226 a hundred thirty 230 sixty four 552 888 eleven.four
32228 140 250 68 645 1050 14.4
32230 150 270 73 720 1180 18.two
32232 a hundred and sixty 290 84 858 1430 23.3
32236 a hundred and eighty 320 86 998 1720 29.nine
32238 one hundred ninety 340 92 1120 1900 36.one
32240 two hundred 360 ninety eight 1320 2180 43.two
32244 220 400 108 1190 1930 56.8
32248 240 440 one hundred twenty 1530 2480 seventy six.four

Our Positive aspects
    1. Entire world-Course Bearing
       We provide our clients with all types of indigenous bearing with planet-class high quality.
   2. Authentic merchandise With EPT Good quality
       The company has always proved the 100% high quality goods it supplies with legitimate intent.
   3. After Revenue Support and Technological Assistance
       The business gives soon after-revenue services and complex support as for every the customer’s demands and demands
   4Fast Delivery
       The business supplies just-in-time shipping with its streamlined source chain.

Query and reply
1. Are you a factory or a trading business?
    ZheJiang XuanYe Precision EPT Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacture of Tapered Roller Bearing and EPT bearings.
two. Is the sample available?
     Yes, samples are obtainable for you to te EPT the quality.
three. Have the merchandise been analyzed just before transport?
    Yes, all of our bearings have been analyzed ahead of supply.
4. How extended is your supply time?
    As mentioned over, there are diverse varieties of shipping for your get. We make certain to produce products after all products are developed and tested.
five. What is your terms of payment ?
    You can spend by T/T, L/C, Westunion, Paypal,and so on., and it can be negotiated in accordance to various orders with different sum.
6.How to stock and servicing my bearings?
   Do not keep bearings right on concrete floors, where water can condense and gather on the bearingStore the bearings on a pallet or shelf, in an region in which the bearings will not be subjected to substantial humidityor excessive temperature that may possibly consequence in condensation forming.

If you have any concerns you should come to feel totally free to contact us, we will supply you with heat support!

The use of original products manufacturer’s (OEM) portion quantities or emblems , e.g. CASE® and John Deere® are for reference reasons only and for indicating item use and compatibility. Our organization and the detailed alternative areas contained herein are not sponsored, accepted, or created by the OEM.

SKF  made in China - replacement parts - chain drive is used for distance China  in Al-Raqqa Syrian Arab Republic  NSK  NTN Timken Brand High Standard Own Factory Tapered Taper Metric Motor Roller Bearing 32205 32207 32209 32211 32213 with ce certificate top quality low price

SKF  made in China - replacement parts - chain drive is used for distance China  in Al-Raqqa Syrian Arab Republic  NSK  NTN Timken Brand High Standard Own Factory Tapered Taper Metric Motor Roller Bearing 32205 32207 32209 32211 32213 with ce certificate top quality low price

SKF  made in China - replacement parts - chain drive is used for distance China  in Al-Raqqa Syrian Arab Republic  NSK  NTN Timken Brand High Standard Own Factory Tapered Taper Metric Motor Roller Bearing 32205 32207 32209 32211 32213 with ce certificate top quality low price

SKF  made in China - replacement parts - chain drive is used for distance China  in Al-Raqqa Syrian Arab Republic  NSK  NTN Timken Brand High Standard Own Factory Tapered Taper Metric Motor Roller Bearing 32205 32207 32209 32211 32213 with ce certificate top quality low price